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Communicating Creativity. How to Make Your Portfolio Stand Out
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Communicating Creativity. How to Make Your Portfolio Stand Out
If you perform your everyday work in the visual or creative industry, you certainly know that your portfolio is your career calling card. From your first internship to your most recent job, your portfolio is an essential marketing tool. It's not only a way of displaying your work; it should be telling your story without you being present in the room.

Today, technology is progressively taking over the old way we used to communicate and apply for jobs. And with that, design portfolios are changing also and starting to look a whole lot different than they used to. Here are a few hints on how to keep up:
1. Go online
It's becoming essential for creative minds looking for jobs (but not only) to provide a digital version of their portfolio. Not only in terms of look and feel, but also in making it easier to share. FrameSplash provides you with a great, fully customizable way of showcasing your work and credentials the right way and sending it effortlessly, all through an intuitive and easy to use interface, that requires no coding knowledge.
2. Introduce yourself and add some personality
The black & white, restrictive portfolios and job/internship applications are long gone. Adding a cover page to introduce yourself is your chance to engage your audience from the very first glimpse. Use FrameSplash to create a remarkable landing page that speaks about your individuality and customize the entire look of your presentation by choosing fonts, colors and backgrounds. 

3. Be consistent
Sticking to a uniform theme throughout your entire portfolio is important in order to get a clean, professional look and feel. Think of what represents you and choose professional color schemes to keep all the way from the top to the end.  

4. Always tell a story
To convince your audience today, just showing your work through beautiful visuals is not enough anymore. You need to wrap your work in a story, so that it's not just showing a final product, but it also reveals your creative process. Go deeper into each project. Let people have an insight into how you develop an idea, how you enforce it, so that they know what to expect from you. Only this way you will earn trust and set yourself apart.

5. Don't go too complex
According to BDP, "The best portfolios demonstrate the candidate’s good judgment in selecting the most appropriate material to include rather than just throwing in everything possible". Choose quality over quantity. Focus on choosing only a few of your best works that reveal your full set of skills. There's no need for complexity; rather, make sure your portfolio is simple and easy to scan. 

6. Know your hit list
Targeting your audience is crucial. Always pair your content with your target, rather than just sharing one single generic portfolio with everyone. A targeted portfolio demonstrates that you care and you understand your future employer, their business and their industry. With FrameSplash 'Show or Hide Sections' option, you will be able to easily choose which sections are relevant for each and every one of your applications in order to better personalize them for every company.

You only get out what you put in. So go for it!
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