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Find a Job You Love and You Will Add Five Days to Every Week
Find a Job You Love and You Will Add Five Days to Every Week
When we are engaged in a job, we seldom rise our head from the sand and look around to check what is the real relation that we have with our everyday work: is it enriching for ourselves, is it enriching for the people we work with, is it of value for the people we offer it to?

But when we do ask ourselves these questions, we sometimes find ourselves disliking our job and wishing we were elsewhere. We are all looking for a form of making ourselves useful while expressing our creative talents, feeling that our work matters, finding a purpose in it and of course, getting remunerated for the effort we put on the way. But we all know that making a career out of something we love doing it’s not as simple as it sounds.
What if you were to look at the process of finding that new job as being transformative as therapy is? Because if you are really going to do this, then indeed getting down with who you are is part of it.

1. Find your talent/passion.
The dictionary defines talent as a natural ability or aptitude. Discovering your talents really starts with (re)assessing and understanding what you do best and with ease, and of course, with joy. What is your passion? What do you like spending time on and you’re also good at? How can you use these in your career? Because something you enjoy will better lead not only to a fulfilling job, but also to success. 

2. Know where you want to get.
As with most things in our lives, our career will benefit if we set goals and make a plan for it. Look at what is important for you. What are the major accomplishments you hope to attain, the level or position you hope to reach, and the lasting impacts you hope to make? Map out where you want to go with concrete milestones. Then find out what is important in terms of shaping your core abilities. But mind that we often think we know what success means, when in fact our ideas about being successful are not our own, but absorbed from the people around us. So be honest with yourself in order not to find yourself at the end of the journey discovering that it doesn’t, in fact, bring you the satisfaction you wanted all along. 

3. Face your fears.
When talking about change, in every aspect of our lives, understanding that fear is normal and acceptable as we go through the whole process is essential. Life is a learning experience and sometimes we need to take a leap of faith. The best way to overcome your fears is to first identify them (whether they’re about financial security, failure, image or just about the unknown) and then shine the light of reason and logic upon them. Are they realistic or irrational? Gather information, think of small steps to build your confidence, because fear can’t exist if we transform the unknown into knowledge.
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