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Frequently Asked Questions
What is FrameSplash?
FrameSplash is a better way of building and sending internship and job applications.
What exactly does it do?
It helps you show your work the right way and send it effortlessly. FrameSplash helps you build your own web applications with Cover Letter, CV, Portfolio and References, all in one, directly on our website. You can now move from brittle pdf presentations, to engaging & immersive internship or job applications that you can personalize with ease every time you apply to a company.
How does it work?
It turns each and every one of your applications into a personalized link for every time you apply, so you can customize your Cover Letter and choose relevant portfolio content each time. You just send Your Personalized link to the company with just one click and prepare for the interview.
How do I build my application?
You have 4 layouts (more to come soon) that you can customize as you like (fonts, colors, transitions, etc.) and make your own. Also, we've prepared awesome tips on how to write great Cover Letter, CV, advice on how to organize your portfolio.
How do I send it?
FrameSplash will generate a unique personalized link for every application that you can send directly through your FrameSplash account. Easy! No more attaching different pdf files every time you apply for an internship or job. For the company it will look like it was send from the email you signed up with. Get confirmation on your email that the application was successfully send. 
Why should I care?
Because all of the above will give you an edge on the competition and help you make a lasting first impression. Also, the entire process will be more enjoyable and way less time consuming.
Why shouldn’t I just send an email with some pdf files attached as my application?
It will save you lots of time. Plus, you put a lot of thought and effort in developing your projects, why not present them as they deserve?
Do I need to know how to code?
No. Our interface is intuitive and easy to use for everybody.
What other cool features does it have?
//  Responsive design: your application will look good on any device. 

//  Application history: See all the places you have applied to. 

//  Application tracking: Be in the know! Get alerts when the companies have viewed your application so you know when to write a follow up email. (for Premium accounts only)

//  Save and print: save your application as pdf so you have a hard copy for your interview. Done, in seconds! (for Premium accounts only)
What type of support are you providing?
We’re not providing any direct support at this time, only that way we can keep our prices low. However, we do provide you with our Help Feature.
Is it free?
It’s easy to get started, and it costs nothing to create your account and try it out! You'll love it so much that you'll want to upgrade to our Premium Account and get access to all of our cool features.
Does FrameSplash ask for a subscription payment?
The great thing about FrameSplash is that you only pay once and it's yours forever!
What is your refund policy?
Due the nature of our product we’re currently not able to offer a refund.
How many applications can I send?
As many as you like with our Premium Account. With our Free Account you can only send 3 free applications.
Could I use it to also build my personal website?
Of course. Though its original purpose and features were crafted with the intend to create beautiful job and internship applications, by choosing which sections you want to show/hide, you could also build your personal website using FrameSplash.
What is your hosting like?
Fast & reliable. Your applications will be hosted on best-in-class servers enabling the visitors of your applications to enjoy snappy page loads anywhere around the world.
What browsers does FrameSplash support?
For viewing applications FrameSplash supports most desktop web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer). However, for creating and editing applications we recommend using Chrome or FireFox.
Still got unanswered questions?
No biggie, just write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.